This past Saturday, I woke up at 5:30 am to ride my bike around the city so I could get some shots of my favorite spots without hundreds of people cluttering the shots. I first headed to North Avenue Beach to get a some shots of the lake and the sunrise (well worth the sacrifice of having to get up so early). After that, I headed down to the infamous “bean”, which was a success because I was able to get a few shots with almost no one in the frame.

Following the bean shoot, my buddy John me up with me and we ventured west…a little further west than most go. We attempted to explore an abandoned candy factory which was not successful. This particular building was fenced in and had a 24-hour security guard on watch. This is somewhat strange for me because most abandoned buildings in Detroit are actually abandoned, leaving us to not have to worry about someone cutting our creative excursion short. Also, Transformers 4 was shooting in the area so we weren’t allowed to go anywhere around the outside of the building. At this point we knew there wasn’t much we could do and there really wasn’t anything else in that area worth shooting.

After the failed candy factory attempt, we made our way to our final location of the day, the Damen Silos, another location that Transformers 4 will be shooting at, as we seen some spaceships on the property and unique symbols painted on the silos. This location was probably the most successful. Next to the silos were a couple abandoned buildings, one of which was covered in graffiti. Needless to say, some great shots were taken here. I can’t wait to find more areas of the city to explore. In the mean time, here are some shots from my adventure:

856774_10100125636795301_1734269008_o 883098_10100125637838211_1100938293_o 901212_10100125637708471_598960723_o 1233251_10100125636790311_1718123462_o 1237255_10100125637289311_1290661347_o 1239317_10100125637079731_1740562152_o 1262623_10100125638476931_1321191221_o 1263024_10100125638362161_1796713768_o 1266468_10100125638442001_167433305_o 1267112_10100125636865161_659700336_o 1268528_10100125637578731_205542566_o 1270237_10100125636969951_1347997809_o 1271597_10100125638212461_1386953164_o 1273313_10100125638466951_2126648055_o 1276552_10100125637164561_141572627_o 1276788_10100125637409071_1170714154_o 1277151_10100125638621641_842841890_o 1278821_10100125637933021_121839273_o 1294404_10100125637623641_1320377901_o


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